Computer Lab

with the latest systems with dedicated staff and regular classes foe the subject. 1:1 student computer ratio. Technical know-how of the computers and gradual understanding of their operation and coding are the steps that are taught to the children at the right stages of their ages and standard.
The fast changing technology and keeping in pace with it is the key to success in the present perspective. That’s exactly what is the need of the day.

Physics Lab

Keeping in mind the tinkering tendency among the students. This lab canalizes the curiosity of the students into conceptual understanding of how the things work. Regular visit and the use of the equipment makes the subject more interesting and the students more curious.

Chemistry Lab

Spacious and safe chemistry lab with the utmost safety norms. Availability of all the requisite chemicals, equipment and apparatus. A heaven for the curious minds.

Biology Lab

the most interesting labs of all. An exhaustive display of the function of various organs in the human body with various models an intensive display of 3D figures of animals, birds, insects and aquatic life. A treat for the children as well as the grown ups. Latest microscopes and slides of the organisms so small to be seen otherwise.

English Lab

seeing the modern need for English language this lab helps the students to improve their diction, pronunciation and confidence. The students see a remarkable change in their oration skills and prepare them to take on the world.

Social Sciences Lab

This lab makes the otherwise reputed as dull subject. Social science gets more interesting and engaging with this lab

Composite Lab

Well-equipped Composite Science lab that serves as the combined lab for the Junior and Secondary classes.
The students are given an exposure to the lab visits early in their age. The fully functional and safe lab enhances the curiosity of the students and helps to understand the subject matter better.

Maths Lab

Mathematics no longer is taught in the same blackboard and chalk method. The students get to see the actual 3D shapes and the pattern of the theories they are taught in the classroom.
The lab is a great resource to curb the maths-phobia of the select group of students.